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Designed to create a culture of leaders
and improve organizational performance.

With ingrained leadership theories throughout the product, Inspire’s unique approach to performance management helps employees develop leadership skills while achieving goals. Inspire is the critical link between strategic leadership and operational execution.

Promote goal transparency, frequent and effective conversations, leadership training and accountability throughout your entire organization using Inspire.

Augmenting traditional programs with Inspire’s software for leadership development can boost:


…all while delivering measurable results and a positive impact on your bottom line.

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Inspire is a new way of working with proven leadership theories that enables your people to evolve into better leaders and propel the immediate retention and long-term growth of your organization. By incorporating world-class performance and productivity philosophies into a simple, streamlined software application, Inspire offers real-time access to the best leadership development training tools on any device. As a result, your workforce can stay focused on priorities, stay productive and achieve its goals with unprecedented efficiency.

Greater automation for…

Employee Engagement

Inspire is designed to help employees grow, allowing human resources executives to boost morale and increase retention.

Training Retention

Training managers can benefit from bringing sustainability to their programs, tracking the success of training initiatives and correlating specific tactics to productivity.

Organization Productivity

Our software for leadership development provides executives measurable results by aligning corporate goals and strategy.

Empowering people, creating leaders.

Steering clear of many common mistakes in leadership development begins with a simple step:

Identifying your values to pinpoint your highest priorities.
Software demo - laptop

Align Corporate Values with Employee Values

  • Create meaningful corporate values that guides your culture
  • Easily align your values with corporate values
  • Increase visibility and knowledge of corporate values throughout your organization

Set Clear Roles to Help Define Goals

  • Understand the different functional areas your job
  • Effectively collaborate with managers to define your roles
  • Identify priorities within your role to set you up for success
Software demo - tablet
Software demo - tablet

Achieve Goals Together with Social Transparency

  • Develop goals that align with corporate strategy
  • Set clear SMART goals
  • Collaborate on goals and share successes

A new level of measurable success.

  • View out-of-the-box dashboards in real-time to view goal progress
  • Receive recognition for progress through social features
  • View reports that help you become better leaders and improve conversations
  • Get notifications and reminders to encourage participation
Software demo - tablet
Leadership Development