Leadership Genius

One program for leadership in every context.

Based on the book Achieve Leadership Genius by Dr. Drea Zigarmi, Susan Fowler and Dick Lyles, Leadership Genius’ comprehensive framework provides organizations with an integrated leadership approach to address all business situations from leading oneself to leading an entire organization.

  • Easily access your DISC profile and guidance.

  • Add and customize personal and professional values.

  • Assess your phase of performance.

Take your leadership program into the future.

How you lead depends on who, what, where and when you lead. The Leadership Genius program combines tools, techniques and a common language that applies to all leadership contexts, equipping leaders with the skills they need to address business challenges. Using Leadership Genius in conjunction with Inspire software enriches your learning and enables you to put proven leadership theories in practice. Leadership Genius is an integrated framework that allows for leadership across five leadership practices: Self, One-to-One, Team, Organization and Alliance.


In this context, you will understand your core personality to prepare yourself for effective leadership. Establish the mindset and skill set to be successful in a work-related role by assessing your phase of performance. Because your personal attributes influence how you choose to manage given leadership situations, it is important to understand your values, disposition and persona.

  • Easily access your DISC profile and guidance.
  • Add and customize personal and professional values.
  • Assess your phase of performance.


Maximize the energy levels and develop the abilities of each employee to produce desired results in the One-to-One context. This requires varying your approach to address every employee’s specific energy level and ability to accomplish goals.

  • Assess your direct report’s phase of performance.
  • Quickly add conversation starters to develop meeting plans
  • Get customized leadership guidance in real-time for productive two-way conversations.


In the Team context, you lead a group of people to accomplish specific outcomes, which can be more complicated than leading in the One-to-One context, due to multiple personalities, abilities and energy levels. Within the team dynamic, leadership can span small groups, committees, task forces or complete teams, all with the objective to accomplish unique outcomes.

  • Use dashboards to view your team’s DISC profile.
  • Have frequent conversations with team members on goal progress and updates.
  • Form SMART team goals to foster alignment.


The Organization context provides direction, structure, and processes that will align the efforts of many groups and individuals within the organization to achieve a common vision. In this most complex context, responding to key changes is one of the major components. More variables are at play and there are longer timelines to achieve organizational outcomes.

  • Create corporate values that align with the culture.
  • Manage corporate SMART goals.
  • Promote transparency and increase motivation with social features.
  • Identify and evaluate organizational needs.


Alliances can be formed between individuals, an individual and an organization, or two organizations to achieve long-term goals. Strategic alliances are created to obtain a significant advantage on an ongoing basis. Rely on networks and bilateral relationships that extend beyond corporate boundaries to achieve desired outcomes.

  • Share a goal with partners.
  • Keep partners accountable and up to date on progress.
  • Align cultures with shared values.

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