Leadership Intelligence Dashboard

View out-of-the-box dashboards
in real-time to view progress

Inspire comes with pre-built dashboards to give you easy access to information on goal progress, performance, and execution on corporate strategy. Customize dashboards to show what is most important to you as a user. Corporate dashboards are created at the admin level giving employees access to what is critical for your organization.

Reports that help you become better leaders and improve conversations

As a leader, you can easily see where your direct reports are slipping and succeeding. Giving you real-time information to keep goals on track. Inspire lets you know when to step in as a leader and have meaningful conversations.   

Notifications and reminders to encourage participation

Dashboards encourage social interaction around goals getting people really involved in the corporate strategy. Follow people and goals to stay up to date on what’s happening within the organization. Cheer people on as they make progress towards their goal.


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